What is PrimeXBT V2.0? Trader's benefits when trading on this platform

June 23, 2021

Here are the highlights of this major update and how they benefit transactions on one of the biggest platforms in the crypto market.

PrimeXBT V2.0: ETH, USDC and USDT Launched

The familiar dashboard on PrimeXBT now aggregates all important account information in the Main Account section, including: wallet account balance, margin account balance, Investment data, ...

New wallets for each unique address and cryptocurrency have been added. Both USDT and USDC are Ethereum-based versions using the ERC-20 token standard. Two-factor authentication and address whitelisting remain available across all account types.

Now, separate escrow accounts can be created for ETH, USDC and USDT, in addition to BTC. The same applies to the Covesting copy trading module and new user referral program, making the platform more accessible than ever.

Promote the integration of cryptocurrency, community development

Accessibility is one of the key factors that PrimeXBT V2.0 upgrade benefits the trading community. When PrimeXBT launched, Bitcoin trading dominated the crypto market. However, with the emergence of Ethereum Futures, CFDs and other derivatives, along with the tremendous growth of the ecosystem itself, the demand for Ethereum-based accounts has increased significantly.

When more Ethereum users trade on PrimeXBT it means greater trading volume, higher liquidity and with it less slippage and opening up additional sources of income from referrals. new users and through the Covesting transaction copy feature.

Growth in Ethereum trading volume will also allow both the PrimeXBT community and the Ethereum ecosystem to expand simultaneously – thereby benefiting the larger trading community.

Adding Stablecoins for better risk management

Apart from what has already been mentioned, undeniably the most important benefit for users of one of the major platforms is the addition of stablecoins. This may not be immediately obvious because stablecoins do not increase in value or have any volatility to encourage trading. But that's exactly why stablecoins are ideal for margin trading accounts.

By using USDC or USDT instead of BTC and ETH, traders can eliminate any risk associated with volatility of the base currency. In the past, the price movement of Bitcoin or Ethereum can significantly reduce the account equity, even though the trader has some open positions with a positive PnL.

There's even more reach thanks to more stablecoins, with PrimeXBT V2.0 giving access to the top three cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, as well as USD Coin, which is rapidly gaining mass adoption .

New features introduced to support newly added currencies

The brand new reports section of the PrimeXBT website can be used for bookkeeping or tax reporting purposes, it includes important account details like transactions and transfers.

Cryptocurrency margin trading accounts are segregated, so each currency has its own section for account history, as well as trade over 50 PrimeXBT available CFDs on forex, crypto, commodities markets , stock index,…

PrimeXBT V2.0 is ready to try

All the aforementioned features and more are now available on PrimeXBT V2.0. Experiencing it for the first time since the update takes place will make you feel excited with new features.

Once you're comfortable with what's on the website, even though there's a lot to enter at once, the platform will instantly become familiar. There are trading tools, Turbo and technical analysis tools, all available on PrimeXBT V2.0.

PrimeXBT V2.0 will enhance the reach of the crypto community making it even bigger and that is a huge benefit that traders on this platform bring.

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