Top 3 most prestigious gold exchanges in 2021 – History of gold trading floor (Forex)

June 18, 2021
What is Gold Trade?
Trade gold, also known as playing gold, is a form of investing in gold index or Forex gold on online trading platforms. This is the current form of online investment that many people choose instead of buying physical gold. Everyone's gold trading is conducted on an online trading platform of a certain floor without going to a gold shop.

The current investment gold products are:

Physical gold: Gold bars, gold jewelry…
Gold Index
Gold Certificate
Gold futures contract
Gold ETFs
Margin trading with Contracts for Difference (CFDs)
Investing in gold or trading gold means that people participate in the online investment market, for gold bought on exchanges, it is called index gold.

Is trading gold different from investing in physical gold?
To see the difference, people can put it on the comparison table.

For physical gold investment:

People have to buy dense gold such as gold bars, bullion or gold jewelry to store
Need a place to store and protect gold so that it won't be seen by thieves
Invest in physical gold in accordance with the gold price and the domestic market
Investing in gold is limited in quantity, it's not like you can buy as much as you want
The trade depends on the gold shop, and it takes a long time to buy and sell
Sometimes I can't resell it and can't buy it again because the gold shop is closed
Can you buy fake gold?

For online gold investment

With online gold investment, people invest in the form of margin, buying index gold is not physical gold. People buy gold but do not own gold but have a certificate of owning that gold.

Buy and sell easily right on a certain website or app provided by the broker

Place buy and sell orders in just 1s, don't miss market opportunities

Invest in gold at world prices

Unlimited amount of gold to buy, buy as much as you want

No need to worry about where to store gold, no worries about theft trộm

You can trade at any time

Huge profits

Therefore, it is also more beneficial to invest in gold online than in physical gold, and especially this is the investment trend in the future when digital technology and financial technology thrive and go deep into the world. Investment fields are limited in space and time.

So basically when choosing a gold exchange, people need to set the following criteria:

That exchange has index gold trading: Many people choose but while that exchange does not provide forex gold products => Very time consuming

Exchanges must ensure clear sources and licenses: Priority is given to exchanges with licenses of leading organizations. Exchanges established in the British island countries, countries with lax laws on online floor activities should also be avoided.

Priority is given to the licenses of financial institutions such as: Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission (CySEC), Danish FSA, Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC), Financial Services Authority (FSA), Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Capital Markets Board of Turkey (CMB), Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA)…

The trading floor has full instructions and information on the website, and the floor has a professional introduction website.

Low-fee exchanges, of course, aim for low-fee exchanges to benefit everyone, so please go to the fee table to see before investing

The exchange has flexible and legal deposit and withdrawal methods. Especially for withdrawals, learn about the withdrawal rules before making a deposit because if you don't learn, you will probably find it difficult to get support. Especially, it is necessary to withdraw to Vietnamese money or USD, not to Bitcoin, because it is not used in Vietnam.

Exchanges with Vietnamese language support: Having Vietnamese language support makes it easier for people to learn about the exchange, convenient transactions, and easy-to-understand and quick support when there is a problem.

Time to deposit and withdraw: This is a problem that many people ignore when they invest and then say that it takes a long time to withdraw or deposit takes a long time to not be able to trade…

Medium Leverage: Do not choose a broker with too low or too high leverage, medium is best. For those who trade gold for the first time should choose a floor with low leverage to lower risk because high leverage equals high risk.

A few signs everyone should know:

Gold trading floor embraces orders: It means that at the time you place a stop profit or stop loss order, or a sell order, there will be some technical problem or some other problem that makes the account unable to be placed, until Only after that time will it work normally again.

The exchange does not have a license to operate: With a reputable and safe exchange, it must be licensed by large, reputable financial institutions because these companies have been evaluated for the new floor to be licensed to operate.

The exchange cannot withdraw money: People see other traders' reviews about the exchange, if most people can't withdraw, it proves that the exchange is a scam.

Exchanges are committed to profits, not completely but most are because if they are normal, they will not commit because the nature of the investment is risky not completely profitable.

The floor has tricks, tricks to invite and attract investors to participate, big and good floors do not do this, do not beg or persuade investors to participate.

Top prestigious gold exchanges in the world

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Exchange XM


HotForex Exchange

Mitrade trading

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