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August 6, 2021

When participating in Forex investment, traders need to follow a number of financial websites specializing in finance to catch up with the "kick" information of the market.

Currently, there are many different financial websites that update forex news. However, traders only need to follow reputable financial websites, update popular news and quickly face the volatile market situation. measure.

Below, Primexbt trading would like to introduce 4 prominent international financial websites in the Forex market. Follow and update daily Forex market hot news from these websites.


Website address:

If you are a professional financial investor, you definitely cannot ignore Bloomberg. This is one of the leading financial news websites in the world. Readers can find almost all information about stocks, forex, investments, finance - economy - politics of any country at Bloomberg.

Bloomberg's Strengths

The Bloomberg interface is quite scientific with information separated into many different categories, with filter mode based on region (Asian, European, Australian, African and American versions), filtering by markets. financial markets (Forex, ETFs, stocks, cryptocurrencies or Commodities).

In particular, the search feature of Bloomberg is one of the advantages that makes users feel very satisfied. Search results in Bloomberg always display all the content related to the keyword with additional information in all details. You can only update forex news in certain categories such as US markets, currency prices, etc.

In general, the Bloomberg site is known as the "bedtime" website of international financial transactions and investors. Particularly, Forex traders can go to the “Economics” subsection to quickly update global macroeconomic news to capture market fluctuations.

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Website address:

The next name in the list of reputable international financial websites is Reuters. The data provided by Reuters is always accurate, covering many ranges, sectors such as stocks, many different specific industries, many different specific markets.

The information provided by Reuters is similar to the information provided by Bloomberg. However, the interface of Reuters seems a bit more "eye-catching" for users. With Reuters, Forex traders can focus on viewing the “Currencies” section – which contains many important news about the world bank, the Fed…

Strengths of Reuters

Reuters also has real price updates for Stocks, Bonds, Commodities and Currencies right on its homepage.

Investors can follow the latest developments on a timeline at the News column “THE WIRE” on the left side of the home screen.

Diverse categories cover all the world's financial markets and are constantly updated.

In general, Forex traders can use the financial websites Bloomberg and Reuters in parallel to have an objective and complete view of the world financial situation.

TIP: Because Bloomberg and Reuters are both international financial websites with English as the main language. Investors can use Google Translate Extension to translate the website into Vietnamese for easy tracking. Although this extension will hardly provide a perfect translation, investors can still grasp the gist of the article on the website.

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Website address:

If you are a Forex investor who works in the direction of "active trading", Investing is very suitable for you to update forex news every day. This financial website focuses on content such as providing chart types, portfolio types, real-time data arrays, specialized news on price movements.

Financial investors often visit Investing to follow news about financial market prices. The news of the forex market in particular and the financial market in general are always updated timely, accurately and reliably, making it easier and more convenient for investors in all transactions.'s Strengths

The first strong point that makes Investment Library highly recommend traders to use is Investing has a Vietnamese version with articles that are Vietnameseized quickly and accurately.

Investing is about providing data for investors to trade and all information is optimized for the user's vision with real charts for indices/stocks/ETFs, economic calendar bulletins forex, or cryptocurrency market price.

Because of the focus on "active trading" traders, when Vietnamese users access Investing, they will not feel overwhelmed by the huge volume of aggregate news like Bloomberg or Reuters.

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Forex Factory

Website address:

Forex Factory is a forex financial website operating as the world's largest financial "forum" and "community". Forex Factory has long become a "classic" community of the forex market that any trader must know and open every day. Forex Factory is like a "common roof" of all traders in the world, from the most experienced to the novice investors.

If Bloomberg, Investing, Reuters are forex news update websites that traders can only "watch and quietly go out", Forex Factory is a "playground" for you to freely interact, ask questions, even complain, show off “profits” or lament when trading on the Forex market.

You can learn all the forex news or knowledge about forex trading such as trading methods, schools of analysis, AE, copy trade, exchange reviews in a variety of categories.

In particular, Forex Factory's economic calendar is implicitly acknowledged as the "most standard" economic calendar of the market. Any trader should keep an eye on this economic calendar to catch all the most important economic data releases.

Strengths of Forex Factory

Forex Factory is an extremely active forum. You only need to have an account to be able to participate in interactive, Q&A with the trading community around the world throughout the day.

You can access all the "underworld" information in the Forex market that most international financial websites do not publish thanks to discussion topics in related categories.

Forex Factory is the fastest place to update economic data releases at all major forex trading centers in the world such as Europe, UK, USA, Australia or China.

You may not know: A 'walking' through the Forex Factory Forums section can help you luckily find a popular trading method shared by an experienced trader.

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