PrimeXBT: The New Face of Bitcoin Trading

June 18, 2021
PrimeXBT : What you need to know?

• Clean interface – margin trading can be daunting, but PrimeXBT's clean and easy-to-use interface makes it an enjoyable experience.
• Customization – in addition to the clean interface traders can create a customizable dashboard, allowing them to design an interface that works for them.
• Many ways to profit – users looking for more ways to profit besides trading can join PrimeXBT's lucrative referral programs and Referral CPA.
• World-class security – PrimeXBT uses a multi-layered security system and whitelisting addresses to protect its users.
• Multiple order types – users can use multiple order types to create a custom strategy that works for them.
• Immediate order execution – never miss a trade because your order was not filled; investors can enjoy instant execution on all trades
• Full privacy; KYC-free – users who value their privacy love PrimeXBT, as they are never subject to KYC proceedings and can sign up for fully anonymous accounts. PrimeXBT even moved part of their infrastructure to Switzerland to enhance customer privacy and security
• Instant Credit Card Deposits – investors can make instant transaction deposits with a credit card using Changelly
• Wide range of assets supported – traders can trade assets from multiple markets, including cryptocurrencies, stock indices, forex pairs and commodities.
• Trade on the go – users can download the PrimeXBT mobile app, for iOS and Android, and manage all their locations on the go. LOGIN HERE
• Up to 1000x Leverage – depending on the asset the user is trading, they can use up to 1000x leverage, meaning just $10 can allow them to open $10,000 worth of trades. la
• Education – PrimeXBT also provides its traders with a wealth of educational resources, ensuring that they have all the knowledge they need to become successful investors.
• 24/7 support – investors can rest easy knowing that any questions they may have will be answered by a multilingual, 24/7, live support online support team.

PrimeXBT trading platform that allows users to leverage leverage while trading a wide variety of assets spanning multiple markets.

Currently, PrimeXBT allows users to trade a variety of cryptocurrencies, stock indices, commodities and forex trading pairs. The variety of their services gives them a unique advantage over other platforms, as many are focused solely on Bitcoin, which can be limited for investors who want access to every opportunity. potential trading association.

Naturally, PrimeXBT allows users to both long and short the assets they support, meaning that traders can profit regardless of what trend the market is in, and by using leverage they can gain large returns without risking the underlying capital.

State-of-the-art charts and an abundance of indicators continue to keep investors profitable no matter what trend the market is in, and a customizable dashboard allows investors to design stations their dealings in a way that works for them.

The leverage offered varies from market to market, with users being able to use 100x leverage on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, while gaining access to up to 1000x leverage on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. certain forex trading pairs.

By trading Bitcoin with 100x leverage, investors can turn its inherent volatility into huge profits. Users can also trade all supported assets on their mobile devices on the PrimeXBT app for iOS and Android, allowing them to never miss a trade just because they're on the go.

Users can also deposit instantly by credit card, which is a big convenience not available on other trading platforms.

Rundown on PrimeXBT features

In addition to offering a wide range of assets with leverage, PrimeXBT has a multitude of other key features that allow it to be the face of Bitcoin trading.

One such feature that sets PrimeXBT aside from the rest of the trading platforms available to its users is the fact that it allows its clients to open fully anonymous accounts without giving up any any personal information.

The importance of using a privacy-conscious exchange is highlighted by the recent data breach committed by BitMEX, who inadvertently leaked the private email addresses of tens of thousands of its customers. This immediately led many groups of hackers to try to compromise these users' accounts.

Furthermore, PrimeXBT also offers industry-leading security, uses a multi-level security system, and holds the majority of users' digital assets in cold storage systems, ensuring that traders can rest easy knowing that their funds are safe from nefarious actors that often target cryptocurrency transactions.

The fact that the exchanges have even moved part of their infrastructure to Switzerland further enhances the privacy and security of all its customers and requires users to whitelist all of them. all their withdrawal addresses.

Low fees and many opportunities to make a profit

PrimeXBT has regularly lowered their fees to be as competitive as possible, which has resulted in them having some of the lowest fees in the industry.

Adding to these already low base fees is the fact that the platform recently released a multi-tier discount structure for active traders, rewarding investors with generous discounts based on their 30-day BTC turnover.

Furthermore, PrimeXBT also offers a plethora of monetization opportunities for its clients, allowing them to start opening up new income streams by recruiting other investors below them (ref).

The world was shocked to learn that the top three referral partners on PrimeXBT earned a total of 111 BTC in earnings in a short period of time, showing how profitable a referral program can be. how profitable.

The platform also recently released a CPA program, allowing users to earn a steady income from each new trader they successfully bring to PrimeXBT. This program is ideal for users with large networks or for resource owners looking to monetize their content traffic.

Naturally, PrimeXBT's solid reputation in the market and the multitude of features that make it easy for affiliates to attract new traders to join the exchange is also one of the factors behind the strong growth of PrimeXBT. it in the past year.


The volatility seen in the crypto market can easily translate into huge profits if traded properly, but to do so it is imperative that traders use a platform that offers a wide range of features and benefits. low fees.

Since PrimeXBT has come up with a very attractive fee structure that allows users to enlarge their positions using 100x leverage, provides access to multiple markets and has built a referral program. profitable, it will most likely continue to gain market share from its competitors and it will continue to be the face of Bitcoin trading.

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