Covesting PrimeXBT: 10 reasons you should try copying trading on PrimeXBT

June 18, 2021

Covesting is a new multi-purpose trading platform that basically allows investors to copy the trades of other professional traders on the exchange and enjoy the same profits as these traders, of course the losses are the same.

Using what we've gathered from the community, our real-world trials and hardships as a trader, we've compiled a list of 10 reasons you should try Covesting on PrimeXBT. Login here

1) Investing takes patience: Today's fast-paced, hyper-connected world leads to quick rewards when we want it. When we want information, we look it up on Google. When we want to know what's going on with a family member, we send them a quick text message or Facetime. But returns on investments sometimes take years, and investors need to be ready for the long haul.

2) Better Ways to Profit: New investors will quickly realize that if they just buy low and sell high, they will have more to show in their portfolio.

3) HODL is Hell: The term “HODL” popular in the crypto space is derived from the phrase “keep your life dear” and it was created to remind crypto investors that It will not be easy to accept the impending market volatility.

4) Tougher Trading: While HODLing can be difficult, trading is even harder and requires strong emotional discipline, as well as rigorous risk management.

5) Technical analysis takes time: Even if you have nerves of steel, you may not have an eye for market analysis. This natural talent cannot be taught and requires constant market monitoring.

Any of these 5 reasons should be enough for you to try Covesting as a follower. Followers can copy the trades of strategy managers ranked by ROI (Rate of Return) for all the world to see on a completely transparent global leaderboard system. Open free acount

A 5-star rating system and countless success and risk indicators are available to help followers choose traders to copy. But there are still 5 more reasons for you to try Covesting, this time for those aspiring to be a strategy manager.

6) Make a name: Technical analysis is about playing the probabilities and coming up with a plan that includes tight risk management and trade execution. Those who do this well will become famous and quickly followed. By showing your name while increasing your rank Covesting can help traders stand out from the crowd.

7) Increase profitability by sponsoring followers: The more you grow your name and followers, the faster your profits will increase. Strategy managers using Covesting can earn a portion of the profits from the success fees generated from the followers' funds.

8) Keep the trading community honest and transparent: Competition always produces excellent individuals and the same is true for traders. By making all of a trader's wins and losses visible to the world, along with their level of risk and the total ROI they've generated, it will eliminate the scammers and create a healthy environment. strong.

9) Aim for the stars: Covesting's 5-star rating system is something all traders will want to achieve. It highlights the smartest money of the platform and not just the risky traders who bring in big ROI only to then lose it. To get full 5 stars, you must strike a balance between win and loss – better win rate, keep margin allocation within reason and maintain specific activities, and account requirements to Show that you are serious about being a strategy manager.

10) Be #1: Being #1 ranked trader on Covesting comes with some perks. Get known and see your name often, and you will be noticed as the most profitable trader on the platform. It also gives you the best chance of being visible to potential followers, who will easily see who they should copy.

Those are 5 more reasons to try Covering, but there are many more. Try it for yourself today on PrimeXBT Trading and the award-winning Bitcoin margin trading platform offering CFDs on stock indices, forex, crypto, gas, oil, gold, silver and more. Start trading now

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