5 Most Reputable Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Exchanges (2021)

June 18, 2021

What is a bitcoin exchange?

If you are a person with a lot of experience in the stock market, real estate, etc., then you are not too familiar with the names of the Exchange, right?

Stock exchange, forex exchange or bitcoin exchange is one of the places where investors can trade different stocks and coins to make a profit.

Depending on the purpose of each sector as well as the specific regulations of each sector, the exchanges will have specific conditions for their traders in the market.

With the bitcoin exchange, this is a gathering place for traders and holders who participate in virtual currency trading, bitcoin investment, usdt, .. with the purpose of making profits from the cryptocurrency market.

Top Reputable Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Exchanges

1. Binance

Topping the list of top reputable exchanges that are currently used by a lot of people is Binance Exchange, this is the exchange that is currently the Top 1 with the most participants trading today.

Advantages of Binance exchange:

As the world's leading exchange in terms of transaction levels and participants, the safety of the coin is absolutely no sign of Scam fraud.

Trading fees on Binance are quite cheap, attracting many traders

User-friendly interface

There is a convenient Mobile App and Website for easy transactions.

253 cryptocurrencies are listed on the Binance exchange at the time of writing

Many trading pairs you can trade on Binance

Free deposit to the Exchange

The liquidity on the exchange is very good

Binance's ecosystem is quite diverse so you can have more choices when participating in Binance

Can buy bitcoin with VND easily with Binance P2P

There is an insurance fund to protect users if unfortunately the floor has a hacked sseef

Having a Vietnamese support team is very convenient

Disadvantages of Binance exchange:

The exchange has been hacked before, so many people are still afraid of the security hole of the floor

Always being watched by hackers constantly

2. Bitcoin Exchange Remitano

The second exchange that I would like to introduce to all of you is Remitano exchange, which is also one of the second most popular coin exchanges after Binance trusted and used by many Vietnamese. In addition to strong development in Vietnam market, Remitano floor is also famous in many countries such as the United States, Australia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Nigeria.

Advantages of Remitano:

Support many different cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, USDT, …

The price difference is quite low

The transaction fee is quite low, usually less than 0.5% of the total transaction amount.

User-friendly interface to use and operate. There is a convenient mobile app for transactions

Support multi-bank payment, especially support Vietcombank on the floor


The time of buying and selling is still slow because it depends on both buyers and sellers

Many people take advantage of vulnerabilities to take advantage of scams.

3. PrimeXBT trading bitcoin exchange

Next, I introduce to you an exchange that is also interested and used by many people, which is Prime XBT. This is a fairly new exchange established in 2018, but with many favorable policies, it has attracted a lot of traders to participate in Prime XBT.

According to my statistics, currently, with PrimeXBT, customers trading on the floor are currently present in 150 countries around the world.


Anonymity: considered with outstanding anonymity, no personal information required nor identity verification is required

Personal competitive service

The liquidity on the floor is always kept at a good level, the transaction processing speed is fast.

Support trading leverage up to x100

Modern, secure, professional trading platform suitable for professional traders as well as traders new to the market.


Does not provide services to countries like USA, Canada,.. and some countries do not allow cryptocurrency trading

There is no Demo account for users to try out

App Mobile is not supported yet.

4. Bitcoin Exchange Huobi

One of the well-known names in the virtual currency world is Huobi exchange, which is ranked 3rd worldwide in terms of trading volume. Duong personally also quite often uses Huobi floor to participate in trading bitcoin or digital currencies on the exchange.

Next, please refer to the outstanding advantages of Huobi exchange

Is an exchange that supports many virtual currencies as well as Tokens. Up to the time of writing this article, there are nearly 500 Coins and Tokens listed on the exchange

The liquidity of the exchange is relatively good, there is a Mobile App for convenient trading. The price chart is taken from Tradingview so it is quite friendly and easy to use

Huobi's ecosystem is diverse

The security of the floor is relatively high. Have 2FA authentication enabled to ensure your assets are more secure.

Support many diverse languages ​​including Vietnamese

Have a Support team to assist you immediately via Email, online or social media platforms

There is a guarantee fund to ensure users' assets when the exchange is hacked, you don't have to worry about losing your assets

Can buy and sell coins in VND easily

The transaction fee on the floor is quite cheap

Leveraged Marin traders are supported.

5. Exchange Bybit

Bybit is one of the exchanges that is also quite popular and used by many people. Although only established in March 2018, the exchange is becoming increasingly popular: attracting more than 100,000 users in just the first 2 years. Currently talking about the main number of visitors coming from Bybit exchange is worldwide, but China is one of the countries that access and use Bybit products the most.

Some outstanding features of Bybit exchange:

Perpetual futures contract

Dual pricing mechanism

Pricing according to the market

If you are familiar with Marin leveraged platforms, Bybit also supports you to leverage up to x100

Allow users to withdraw unlimited money


Cold wallet storage

Fast transaction processing speed up to 100,000 transactions/second.

The transaction fee is quite low

Relatively stable liquidity


As a new exchange, it has not yet attracted many traders

Not yet integrated Vietnamese language

Does not support fiat money

No OTC platform yet

The above trading currency pairs are still very limited

The above are the bitcoin exchanges that are rated as one of the most reputable and have the largest trading volume according to Coinmaketmap statistics.

If you have any further comments on any other exchanges or are wondering any questions, just leave a comment below my article to discuss and learn together.

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